About KSK Sports

Ksk sports, formerly known as pusat sukan Klang was founded by Mr Dennesen in 1987 with the aim of trading in sports item, premium gifts, trophies, awards and sports apparel.

With the vast experience from the founder, Ksk sports set foot in the manufacturing arena to produce the best quality fabric used for both sports and fashion purposes. The company’s remarkable growth within a short span of time is entently due to Mr Dennesen’s clear foresight, dynamic leadership, innovative spirit and the total dedication of its employees. As part of the expansion plan, Ksk sports is looking forward to generate its own platform in creating its own sports apparel brand, becoming one of the main distributors of awards and trophies and stepping into the fashion world.

Our Mission

Develop a successful business relationship by always offering to our customers an optimal range of quality products and services and indulge with the changing needs of our customers.

Our Vision

To be the industry’s leading apparel company and premium gifts fueled by authentic brands and be highly competitive and robust in the market.

How we serve you

  • 1. Complementary consultation for both existing and new clients.
  • 2. Complementary designing and customizing ideas of clients to resolve business issues.
  • 3. Monitoring the entire process of planning, designing, customizing and delivery of artwork of clients’ needs and wants.
  • 4. Quality control of both products and services the business is offering.